The School Day

We have returned to five lesson days. With the Tutor at the beginning of the day. Our current school day is as below: 

8.45 -9.10 Tutor time

9.15-10.15 Lesson 1

10.15 -11.15 Lesson 2

11.15 -11.30 - break

11.30-12.30 Lesson 3

12.30-13.10 - Lunch

13.10-14.10 -Lesson 4

14.10 -15.10 - Lesson 5

There are five lessons a day. Each lesson will be one hour long. 

After school and lunch time there will be opportunities for pupils to attend clubs. This will give pupils time in the day to learn new things and take part in activities that they enjoy. We hope to offer a large range of activities for pupils to select from and will be surveying all pupils at the start of the year to make sure we cater to all interests. There will be some alternative activities that take place in school and/or with organisations we have partnered with in the community that pupils may choose to attend.