There are many diverse aspects to inclusion and the groups of learners and adults it encompasses. Within the GFM, inclusion incorporates learners with SEND needs, those identified as disadvantaged and eligible for pupil premium funding, looked after learners as well as those that experience barriers to learning for any reason. 

We are an organisation where all learners are valued, treated with respect and provided with opportunities within and beyond the school setting to enable success. Within a team that advocates for the learner and their family, we will enable a culture where all colleagues embrace their accountabilities for all learners. 


An unwavering belief  in all, embedded within a commitment to all learners achieving the highest of expectations and experiencing success.


Specialist knowledge alongside the knowledge of the learner will be enabled through a robust approach to professional learning and knowledge production. 


Adjusting pedagogy to meet the needs of all learners, being determined to attempt different approaches and being solution focused in our practice.